Sunday, August 31, 2014

8. Sephora Collection IT Nude Palette

That was a mouthful.

Let's be honest, I'm not in love with this Sephora palette but its got a certain appeal to it. I received this as a birthday gift and I've probably used it twice in the past 6 months. The colours are beautiful, it contains two highlighters, a base for the eye shadows, the eye shadows of course, two eyeliners colours and a pencil for the eyes.

The color pigmentation somehow looks good in the pictures but when you use them on yourself, the pigmentation levels are lacking and its not as blend-able as I would like. I wish there were more matte colours as they are all shimmery in majority, if not make it at least so there is less fall out.

In overall, I don't really recommend this but if you are someone that likes to go for the smokey eye look, you might enjoy the matte dark colours and eye pencil this palette provides. The brush was good though.

What's your favorite palette ?

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