Wednesday, November 19, 2014

25. Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle

Work hard, play hard.

I have never been as busy when it came to school as I ever was this semester. As a second year student in Fashion Marketing at LaSalle College, we had to organize a fashion show from A to Z within our course called Fashion Presention (Coordination). Each class (two English and two French) had to come up with a concept to be presented in front of professionals from the field and of course, family and friends.

Four different concepts were created: Hysteria, BRKLYNS BADDST, Duplicata and Plur.

The night was a success for all the students and all of our dedicated time paid off. In everyone's name I can say that this became a full job and even if it also affected the course work for our other classes, it was in a way worth it. We have the chance at my school to have the tools provide to have hands on experience with the industry. The Soirée Mode event was our chance to use theory learnt in class during our first year and apply it to the creation of a fashion show. From hosting a model casting, looking for designers/brands to borrow clothes from, budgeting, creating visual content and decoration for the show and building the hype using all the communication tools learned, it allowed to bring our ideas into a real event.

Of course, it might not be as huge as events from St-Martins or New York's FIT, Montreal's College LaSalle prides itself into being as good as them when it comes to fashion courses.

Reflecting back to the show, it is a night to remember and I can say that I feel like a proud mama when it came time to watch my class' concept come to life (BRKLYNSBADDST).

I couldn't find any quality worth picture but here are some videos that capture the essence of each concept, credit goes to ISHOESPURPLE.

Hysteria, Duplicata & Plur


If you would like to read or see more pictures from the event, here's the facebook page & instagram:

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  1. Very interesting & edgy concept. I love the ombre bleached denim jacket. :] // ▲ ▲

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