Friday, December 12, 2014

26. Rainbow Rowell

So damn good.
Some of the best publications I've read this year are from Rainbow Rowell. She writes young-adult/adult contemporary books and she is splendid at doing so. I am not the best human being qualified for reviewing books (I am indeed bad) but I do work at a bookstore and I do believe that I have the ability to recommend some good stuff while being able to give a not so good synopsis.

Without giving any spoilers, this book is about two teenagers figuring out love, friendship, abuse and confusion in life. It is such an amazing book, it is well written and the plot doesn't drag itself till the end. I find it refreshing as a young adult book, it isn't some cheesy romance and it doesn't involve the typical girl who's new in town and falls in love with either the loner or the jock. In overall, this book was the first I ever read by Rainbow Rowell and it did not disappoint. 10/10 (can they make a movie out of this one please ?)

If I say I wasn't attracted by this book because of the title, I would be lying. I've got this thing about book covers that if I find them really pretty, I might as well purchase the book. Fangirl is about friendship, peer pressure, new experiences, family and mostly, about a girl who's grown into a world of internet. This is a book for whoever might relate to that, to whoever has ever read a fanfiction, been part or is currently in a fandom and I guess those people would mostly relate to this in a way. It is a light hearted read that was heart-warming and beautifully written. Fun fact, the author based it on a Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy fanfiction she once wrote. 9/10 

Ever dreaded someone reading your emails ? Attachments is about falling in love in the most uncomfortable situation ever. About two friends detailing every privy information while knowing their work emails are monitored, about a man who is confused about where his life his heading and how to make everything better. The book is absolutely incredible, you won't be able to put it down and the thing about Rainbow Rowell, the romances aren't cheesy, like who would of thought of this situation, who turns a romance and new/old friendships into a funny lighthearted story with character developments that do make sense and that makes you be happy for them in the end. A definite 10/10 for this one, you go glen coco four for you.

I couldn't relate as much to this story, being only nineteen, unmarried and no children, I still cannot fathom the responsibilities that come with those aspects of life but Rainbow Rowell explores the idea of falling in love, making connections and of course, commitment over the years (work/family debate). I didn't enjoy this book as much, the plot was on the unrealistic side with the whole past/future communication but did add those cute moments within the Georgie and Neil's storyline. Its definitely one of those books that I wouldn't recommend right away but if you love the author, you have to read it. 6/10 because the writing is still magnificent.

Hope you enjoyed these "reviews". Have you ever read any of those books ? If not, any recommendations ?


  1. Ahh I've been looking for new books to read. So glad I came across this post! :)

    *Thanks for sharing.