Wednesday, January 21, 2015

34. Websites & Programs

Because they can be a must-have/use.

A two for one deal. Blogger because how else would I be able to write posts and Bloglovin' because it satisfies my browsing through blogs and commenting quite well.

2. Tumblr  

Shameful self promo to mine, you gotta do what you gotta do. A personal favorite of mine and of millions of people is Tumblr aka the way of living. A way for humans to share common interests via the aid of reblogging and making content. Also known for its very humorous posts, fandoms, lifestyle, photography and mouth-watering food posts. (If you have a tumblr, leave it in the comments!)

News from all over the world, updates about revelant and irrevelant things, from cute puppies to politics, Buzzfeed and Distractify (mostly BF) will keep you alert about everything from important to not-so important. They also like to make you laugh with their posts and videos. They love using gifs too. As for Gizmodo, its a way to learn about new designs, technology and science advancements. They also feature simple hacks and funny videos related to science and technology. Its always good to know what's happening outside of the beauty/fashion things ya know.

A must have for those who are into creating content through the likes of design. I use these programs a lot for school projects when it comes to the advertising/branding and communication tools of marketing. Also good for editing photos for your blog via Photoshop.

What would life be without Youtube ? Lots of things but this site makes it better. How else would we watch movie trailers, music videos, behind-the-scenes of anything and of course, our lovely beauty gurus. I also enjoy watching clips from Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show if I miss it the day before and of course, my main girl Ellen Degeneres. Youtube is also the home of the funniest videos on Earth.

What are your favorite sites and programs ?


  1. These are so necessary! Can I suggest you check out Disqus? It's a commenting interface that lets you connect with readers in different ways -- I'm not explaining it well haha. We have it on our blog - check it out :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. I would be nowhere without twitter!

    xx Emma,

  3. I have never tried Tumblr! I am going to have to see what it is all about! Love your blog! New follower!!

    XO, Erica

  4. Such a pretty blog xo

    shari / /

  5. Hello! Youtube is definitely on the top of my list and I couldn't live without it! Same goes for Blogger of course. I nominated you for the Liebster Award.. check out my blog post for details :)


  6. Thank you for nominating me ! And who could live without Youtube ?!

  7. Tumblr is pretty much the most amazing place in the world of internet ! Aha x

  8. Should of added it to the list, a great place for instant information and also, to share things and thoughts x

  9. I have Disqus though ! I just don't know how to make it work ... or if its working already ? Kinda confused about it to be honest