Wednesday, June 10, 2015

44. Ultimate favorite liquid liner ever.

Always on fleek,

If there is one staple item in my life, it's eye liner. Cat eyes are just a thing I have been doing since 10th grade and you can pretty much find me sporting one all the time (by all means unless I'm not leaving the house because what a waste of product that'd be). Anyway, the amount of eye liners I've been through is grandiose, finding the one is a task similar to the one of finding your ultimate fave foundation. From felt tip, gel and pencil, I personally find felt tips the easiest way to achieve a cat eye that can either be suntle or ready to woo. 

Thus all of that intro to get to the actual product I want/need to rave about: Make Up Forever's Aqua Liner in Matte Black. I simply love it. As a previous avid user of Stila Stay All Day, I thought I couldn't find any better but here's the thing, Stila's eye liners dry so quickly that I needed an alternative that would be as great and last longer, Easy to apply, smooth application, amazing pigmentation, long lasting power and smudge-free, this was it. The only con of this liner is the cap, although it helps when it comes to the product not drying up, it tends to break and twist which makes it a bit hard to close. 

That would be it for today. Have you ever tried this liquid liner ? If not, what's your favorite ?


ps: I haven't posted in a huge while even though I said I would but this summer I'm going to be away for a month and a half starting yesterday (as you are now reading a scheduled post) so I'll schedule as many posts as I can and let's hope for the best ! 


  1. This sounds fab!

    Kelly x

  2. Never tried Aqua liner, but I'm a fan of MUFE's formulas. They know good makeup, so I'd trust pretty much anything from them. Also, bless you for being able to do a cat eye, I'm still learning.


  3. I haven't tried this but I do love liquid eyeliner - it's such an easy look but makes such a difference, it widens and brightens your eyes and makes lashes look longer!

    Will definitely look at this and see where I can get it! :)

    Layla xx