Wednesday, June 17, 2015

46. Aveeno strikes again.

It's Aveeno love. 

There are two brands I mention way too much on this blog: Lush and of course, Aveeno. Here's the thing, I'm not the most loyal person when it comes to brands, I love switching up and trying new things but there is just something about Aveeno that makes me trust their products so much. 

Knowing about their great products when it comes to moisturising, I decided that I had to try their body wash. As expected, it is very hydrating, has the loveliest fig and shea butter scent that does linger for a good while and helps a lot when it comes to smooth-looking skin.

Once again, you've done it good Aveeno. Have you tried anything by them before ?


  1. I've never tried anything Aveeno, maybe a moisturiser once? With you on the lush love, though!

    Hannah x

  2. great post!

    Jess |

  3. Oh I want to try it.

    mind looking at my first 'beauty' post?

  4. I used to love Aveeno but haven't used their products in quite a while - need to get some new things I think! :)

    Layla xx