Wednesday, October 1, 2014

17. Waterproof vs Annabelle's Eye Makeup Remover

Guess who won.

If you guessed Waterproof, you are right my friend. I have a thing for eyeliners and mascaras that are long wear and if possible, waterproof and therefore, I need something good to take those off at night. Annabelle Cosmetics' long wear & waterproof eye makeup remover pads failed the test, although after using atleast 2 pads (each eye) it did take off a good majority of mascara residue, it leaves that greasy feel and a cloudy vision to go with it. I don't necessary recommend this product for those reasons but if your into eye makeup removers that do contain oil, this might be for you. I reckon this would completely remove no-waterproof mascara and do a great job but for what I specifically use and want it to work for, its not exactly good at it. I still consider the Pixi makeup remover the best I've tried so far.

If you live in Canada, I do suggest checking out the rest of Annabelle's line, they have amazing products when it comes to bb creams and eyeliners (they can be found pretty much at every drugstore or big retail store aka walmart/target).

What are your favorite products to remove eye makeup ?

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