Wednesday, October 22, 2014

21. Old School Vaseline

And no, I do not bring this format in my bag.
If there is one product that is multi-use and that should be praised, the honors go to Vaseline.
We can all agree on how amazing this works for dry lips, dry spots/eczema and many other things. In the past few years, they have introduced mini-sized vaseline for more on-the go use and their newest vintage packaging and it has been on my "must buy it" list for the past month.

I love how versatile Vaseline is and truly believe that everyone should own this product in their house. This is my saviour during Fall/Winter, it helps with my badly chapped lips and I mostly like using it in the morning and night.

What are your holy grail colder months products ?


  1. i only use this when i'm dyeing my hair haha, maybe i'll have to start using it more!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

    1. I've used it for that too ! It really is a multi-use product ahah :)

  2. Ah good old Vaseline - there's so many uses for it, keeping brows in place, when dyeing hair, lip balm, cuticles - even highlighter….it's a good product! :)

    Layla xx