Wednesday, October 29, 2014

23. Les primers

Prime up people.
For today's post, I have two primers, one could be considered high-end and the other high-street. I got the Make Up For Ever during the middle of July, which at the time I thought I had lost my beloved Givenchy Mister Mat (I even talked about this one before right here) and needed something ASAP since I had I big family event the next day. In quite the hurry, I was explaining to the guy in Sephora that I needed something that wouldn't break me out and he instantly suggested this lovely one since it is water based. As mentioned, after two weeks of using the primer, my skin was alright but I felt like it didn't hold the makeup as well as other primers I've tried but in overall, it was a good but even with matte foundations, my face looked a bit oilier in the middle of the day. As for the ELF Mineral Face Primer Foundation, I felt like it was an okay product, I ordered it online a little while back but only ended up using it for most of August and September. I do like this little one, it feels quite smooth when you apply it and it definitely helps your makeup last longer throughout the day. 

Now that I'm writing this, I've literally realized that perhaps I expected something that was more matte out of those primers yet they were made for a dewy finish instead of a matte one. This makes me realize how easily it is to expect something from a product that doesn't even give the result you want because it is not supposed to... If you get what I mean.

What I'm getting to is that I might give these ones another shot with a matte foundation instead of my lovely sheer ones that I love and we'll see how that works out.

What are your favorite primers to use ?


  1. I've never tried anything from either of these brands, but I loveee the body shop instablur primer - such a lovely, matte finish!