Wednesday, September 17, 2014

13. Karma & Karma Bomba.

You've done it again Lush.

Karma Soap & Karma Komba Solid Shampoo have the most lovely smell that my nose has ever had the chance to encounter in the shower, and that includes all the oh-so wonderful and glorious smell of soap & glory's washes that are also very much nice.

Karma Soap has one of those smells that its not overpowering but that lingers throughout the day. While it cleanses your skin, it also feels moisturizing afterwards which is a big plus for body washes/soaps. As for Karma Komba Solid shampoo, same as the soap, a wonderful smell that will make your friends want to sniff your hair out (I actually feel a sense of smugness when it happens, lets be honest). I'm one of those people that loves a squeaky clean finish when using shampoo and this is absolutely great and I know I keep repeating myself but the smell ... Oh my. If some of you have never used a bar shampoo, its quite an easy process, just rub it into your scalp and voilĂ , it will have the same effect as liquid shampoo and last for about 80 washes.

Let's count how many times the word smell was used shall we.

Have you ever used one of lush' solid shampoos ?

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  1. Love your post. I like Lush too. Their products are so good. Keep up the good work.