Wednesday, September 24, 2014

15. Where Rainbows End // Love, Rosie

It's coming out October 22nd. The movie of course.

I have a thing for romance in books, I love it when at the end, the characters are happy and everything's going to be alright because it represents what I would like to achieve later on in life. Let's be honest.

"Where Rainbows End" by Cecelia Ahern was published in 2004 and is from the same author of "Ps, I love you". To resume it a little bit, the book is all lovey dovey, sometimes cringe-worthy and boring but really enjoyable. For someone who loves to read it felt like it would never be end and that Alex and Rosie would not find their happy ending considering all the events that occurred between their primary school era till their forties. 

As a little summary, the book is about two best friends, Alex and Rosie and their lives throughout their childhood till adulthood. It is about friendship, love, family, broken dreams, pregnancies and all those life struggles that keep two best friends from finally getting together. I love the idea of them writing each other letters to keep in contact, whether it is by text, email or a handwritten note, it is refreshing to read a story that kind of seems realistic in a certain way but still having elements that everyone could relate to.  

I'm actually excited for the film adaptation of this book, it is mostly the idea of seeing how they will capture all the essence of the book into a 102 minutes film that makes me want to go and watch it the day it comes out. It features a recent favorite actor of mine, Sam Claflin who was wonderful in United, White Heat, Mary & Martha and of course, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Another actress in the movie that I absolutely love her work is model Suki Waterhouse, she is so incredible and I cannot wait to see her acting debut. 

Without further note, I do recommend this book, it is beautiful story about life coming in the way of love. I leave the trailer down below because believe me people, it is so adorable to watch.

Any recommendations ?

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